There was a Zebra Cares experience hosted by the NHL Officials Association, the NHL and the Oilers. Bryan Nguyen and Wyatt Reed represented the North Zone.

My experience for the Zebra Care Experience - Wyatt Reed
I was selected to go to a oilers game to participate in the zebra care experience. With the zebra care experience I was able to meet NHL referees and talk to them to learn more things as well as just talk about being a referee. At the start of the night I arrived at Rogers place with my dad and I met another referee who also won the zebra care experience named Bryan.
Inside the building we got passes to head downstairs. When we were downstairs in the referee room the professionals were telling us how we can be a better referee by improving our line of sight and to keep moving instead of staying in one position. We also talked about how and why we became a referee most of the answers were to make some extra cash to start and see the game from another perspective.
After they were done sharing some of their experiences we were allowed to ask some questions to learn more about being a NHL referee. I asked if you are allowed to ref a game in your home town. I thought you wouldn’t be allowed to, so not to be biased to one team, but you get 4-5 games in your home town around the Holiday Season.
We only had enough time to ask one question each before the staff at rogers place said it was time to go. Before we went up to watch the game we got a picture taken in front of the Zamboni gates. After talking to the referees and asking questions we went upstairs and watched the oilers game and that was my experience with the Zebra Care.
Thank-you to all that have aided me to get a chance at this Experience.


From left to right the people are Ryan Galloway,
Wyatt Reed, Brad Watson, Time Peel, Bryan Nguyen, and Greg Devorski.


I thought the Zebra Care experience was definitely an event to remember - Bryan Nguyen

The exposure to the NHL officials was very benificial to myself; I'm sure I can speak for Mr. Reed as well when I say it was tremendously motivational and a great source of insight into the life and career as an NHL official. I found that the officials were also very open, and knowledgeable not just in their field, but with life in general; they offered a plethora of advice, providing alternatives to confrontation and different communicative skills. Overall, I believe that this is a great experience and learning opportunity for any official, regardless of skill level/experience as well as a motivational tool for future use.



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