The Colin Hackett Commemorative Stickers are in and printed with a picture included in this posting.

A lot of thought went into this as it was designed by some of the officials closest to Colin Hackett. Their explanation on the design is as follows:

CH Sticker2 

The sticker design itself has incorporated some key elements of Colin's life. Around the border you see a phrase of "Let us run, with endurance, the race that is set before us." Colin lived by the phrase during races, but more importantly in the fight against cancer. He even went as far as to have the slogan put up in his basement, in wall lettering. It is a phrase that to him meant to push and push hard in what comes before you.

CH of course represents his initials and under them you will see his mantra of "Animo" throughout his fight for cancer he lived by this mantra and anything he did he included it in.

The sticker will be a white sticker, with black border, and black fonts. The reason for this would be that white and black are the uniform colors of officials. As well, the last sticker we did for him blended into the helmet, and with this one we want one that visually stands out, just as Colin did in everything in life. We want people to pay attention to this sticker.

If you wish to obtain one of these stickers please be patient as the demand is quite high with Colin touching so many lives. I guarantee that we will have enough stock for everyone.

If you are part of the Officiating Community in the North Zone we are working as best we can to get this out to as many officials as possible as fast as we can. The RICs in the Greater Edmonton Area will have a stock as well as the City Assignors in the Minor Program, Members of the Executive, and some Sr Officials.

In return for being provided a sticker we are asking that those receiving these commemorative stickers provide a donation to the trust fund set up for Colin's family.

Thank you to all those that made this possible, in particular Hockey Alberta, The Provincial Referee Committee, the Officials involved in the design, and the North Zone Officials.


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