Although many of us find ourselves busy enough working our own games this winter, it is importantfor senior officials to help our younger officials better themselves on the ice through supervisions andshadows throughout the season. The following are some general tips to consider when conductingsupervisions.

  • Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before scheduled game time to introduce yourself to theofficials scheduled to work the game.
  • Look for one to two areas that an official can improve on and focus on them. Although asupervisor may have numerous tips for a young official, more often than not he’ll forget themajority of the supervision if you have too many suggestions.
  • Be sure to identify and convey points of strength of the official, positive feedback is often just ascritical as constructive feedback in developing younger officials to keep them coming back to therink.
  • Although senior program officials have supervision quotas, it is important for all officials to helpwith supervising younger officials. Remember, supervisors helped all of us get to the levels weare today, its our responsibility to do the same to ensure the success of the next generation ofofficials.

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